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S. Statser

Our experience buying a home with Benchmark Mortgage was wonderful. From the first conversation to the day of closing, we were taken care of by the team better than we could have imagined. They made time to answer all of our questions, as well as provide some suggestions for questions that we didn’t know to ask. They made sure that we understood every step of the home buying process. We hope to be in our new home for many, many years, but when the time comes, we will be using Benchmark Mortgage for all of our financial needs.

P. Ford

I am pleased to submit a good write up of our (Me and my Wife) experience with you. It was a very positive one and I even had someone call me at the end of 2016 to inquire about refinancing because the rates were very low. While I didn’t take advantage of the offer (I should have), I was very impressed that I had someone call me from Benchmark trying to save me money from my mortgage with you all. The message delivered there is Benchmark is dedicated to its clients and not just about money. For that, I am grateful. I do not have a mortgage anymore, but if I ever do have another, I will most definitely go with Benchmark. Thank you so much!!!

A. Cherpital & A. Rison, Benchmark Veteran clients

A. Cherpital & A. Rison

From first contact with David Willoughby & Benchmark Mortgage with knew we were blessed and in copentant hands. They went above and beyond in record time with our VA loan. You are more then a number or bussiness transaction

with the them, you are family.”

If that’s too long, too short, or your looking for something different I can revise. Really it’s hard to sum up our love for the company in a quote. There’s so few honest and good bussiness out there these days when you find one that treats people as they’d want their own to be treated it sticks with you. Gratitude & love,

A. Cherpitel (Army) & A. Rison (Marine)

Jeff B.

Robby & his staff were extremely helpful and understanding as my wife and I purchased our first home. We had a lot of questions and Robby was tremendously patient with us as we navigated the process and grew comfortable with this huge step in our lives. He is also one of only two Military Mortgage Specialists in the state of Arkansas and proved to be very knowledgeable about VA Home Loans, but was also able to explain to us the various advantages and disadvantages of the other types of mortgages available to us. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to any of my friends and family. The next time I purchase or refinance a home, I’ll be using Robby Cole.

Jeff B.

J. Germany, Benchmark Veteran client

J. Germany

When we began planning our move from Washington state down to the Dallas Ft Worth area there were many unknowns, this was my wife’s first big move and my first since leaving the military 20 years ago. We were leaving our families and friends to start a new life in the place I had wanted to live my entire life and spend my retirement in. From the start our journey was fraught with disasters, our house didn’t close and we were already on the road to Texas, my wife’s employment status became an issue as well. It was beginning to look like our dream of retiring in Texas was falling apart around our ears.

Then Selena stepped in, she was a calm and reassuring driving force for us for the next month and a half. Every time we encountered a hiccup in the process she was on the phone with me walking me through what needed to be done, and letting me know what the next step was. More than anything else the best compliment I can give her and her team is that whenever I got off the phone with her I felt better about our situation. She never said “no” she said “we will make this work” she worked miracles for us, doing what other mortgage brokers had told us was not possible, and could never be approved. She was a tireless advocate for us working harder than was necessary to make our dream come true.

Now as the sun goes down over my house, and I sit in my acre back yard and watch the shadows creep over the land that I own because of her tireless efforts I’m eternally thankful. I know it sounds cheesy but we were ready to give up on this, but Selena and her team made it happen, they held the hand of this cranky old vet as he had tirades over sellers, and outbursts over banks, and now because of their hard work he gets to throw a ball for his new dog, and raise a whiskey in his back yard, thank you Selena.

J. Germany

J. Ernst, Benchmark Veteran client

J. Ernst

Towards the latter part of June 2017, my wife and I decided to make the move to northern Virginia. Once we chose our realtor he recommended to us that we use Bruce Burner from Benchmark Mortgage to be our broker. I have to say that was a very wise choice. From our first conversion, Bruce and his team were wonderful and top notch. They asked us a series of questions and recommended that Veterans Administration (VA) loan would best fit our needs. Once we got our preapproval we began the search for our new home. We had only a few weeks to pick our new home because I was deploying overseas, and we saw many that we liked and we talked about each one that we were interested in. Bruce took the time to talk with my wife and I about each one, advising us on how the different counties that the homes were in would affect the VA loan. I deployed shortly after we chose our house and had the offer accepted. While I was in deployed to Afghanistan and communication was a bit difficult at times, Bruce and his team worked flawlessly within the limitations that I had, never once showing frustration with the timeline of the closing. There were times when Bruce worked late to answer questions that I had about the loan process. The Benchmark Mortgage team even aided in getting a power of attorney so that my wife would be able to complete the closing on my behalf. Our closing went smoothly and we are now in our home, which could quite possibly be our forever home. This is in no small part due to Bruce and his great staff. Their knowledge of the VA is incredible! This was not the first home that bought through the VA, and I never knew that the VA loan had so much flexibility. To anyone looking for a VA loan in the area of northern Virginia, I would without a doubt strongly recommend that you reach out to Bruce Burner and Benchmark Mortgage. You won’t go with anyone else after you talk with them.

J. Ernst
U.S. Amy Veteran

A. LaFlam, Benchmark Veteran client

A. LaFlam

I would like to personally THANK Benchmark Mortgage and their entire staff for the over whelming support and help, that each and everyone there put into making my mortgage needs become a successful reality. Everyone showed respect for my personal needs and served me in an AWESOME professional manor. Some times being a combat disabled veteran, even some of the simple things can get very confusing. The Benchmark Team set me at ease right away and listened to what I needed. They gave me more than one option and then helped me with the right decision for me and my family. As a veteran with three tours of boots on the ground in Viet Nam , I would like to reach out to ALL my fellow veterans, those past and those present, if you are buying or refinancing a home – do your self a favor and TALK with the awesome folks at Benchmark Mortgage. Take it from me, a fellow veteran, I have been totally pleased with the results of the Benchmark Team that I have been working with and I believe that you will be pleased in the same way when you talk to the Benchmark Team in your area.

A. LaFlam
U.S. Army, Viet Nam 1966 – 1967 – 1968

David G., Benchmark Veteran client

David G.

Bravo Zulu to Chris Montz, my mortgage loan officer with Benchmark Mortgage. I recently moved from Hawaii to Alabama and purchased a home using my VA Loan. Chris was always available to answer my questions over the phone while I was still in Hawaii concerning my new home purchase. Chris was calm, cool, and collective and was able to secure a good interest rate for me during the home loan process and complete the process ahead of schedule. Because of his diligent efforts, the entire home buying process was accomplished with no stress. If you are a Veteran or Retired Military like me, I would highly recommend Chris Montz to get your VA Loan because he is an expert mortgage loan officer.

David G.