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At Benchmark, our motto is to always do right by the Veteran. That means ensuring Veterans get the American dream they served to protect. When it comes to VA loans, our team of certified Veteran Specialists are the special forces of the mortgage industry.

NO MORE will we watch our Veteran brothers and sisters be taken advantage of when buying a home.

Across the country, our loan officers and dedicated VA underwriting team are committed to bringing our Veterans home.

NO MORE call centers or online only correspondence. Relationships are the backbone of our company and we will work with you and your family face to face with honesty and transparency through your entire journey to homeownership. And if things get tough we won’t back down – our team advocates for the Veteran and is trained and equipped to tackle complex underwriting scenarios.

It’s our mission to ensure Veterans across this country are able to become homeowners, get the best advice, have the greatest home loan experience possible, and get the best deal in the market.

The Veterans Home Front Ambassadors

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