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PCS Nation: Interview with C.C. Gallagher

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Benchmark’s PCS Nation wants to make sure that all of our military members have all of the resources they need to make their PCS move a little less stressful. In this episode, Benchmark VA Loan Boss Jason Stier sits down to interview C.C. Gallagher.

C.C. Gallagher is a military spouse who has PCS’d 6 times in ten years, spanning from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast in that time. In 2015, she founded Military Quality of Life Consulting, working with 12-13 clients, including government entities, non-profits, and national brands.

This year, 2020, her organization launched the Stressless PCS Kit. It helps remove the stress, with it’s an easy-to-follow system to help families who move.

As we at Benchmark wrap our arms around the PCS military community, C.C. Gallagher talks more about the Stressless PCS kit, and helps us better understand how we can help military families through the PCS process.

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