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M. Plaisier

I know that for some, the idea of obtaining a VA loan comes with some anticipated heartache. There are stories of long waits, lengthy and laborious inspections and just an overall expectation of a difficult process. When our realtor recommended Benchmark to my wife and I, it was in large part because of their reputation for handling VA loans. John and his team did not disappoint. They were on top of it every step of the way – they locked in the inspection without a hitch and pushed for a quick close. From start to finish, it was 23 days – pretty incredible for a traditional loan let alone a VA. They were prompt in their responses, proactive in their approach and professional in every interaction. Their loan service gives me the confidence to wholeheartedly recommend them as your lender for VA loans. You will not regret your decision to use Benchmark.

M. Plaisier, Former Capt, USMC