B. and L. Keiffer, Benchmark Veteran client

B. Keiffer

The Tipton Team did a great job guiding us through the home loan process. Tracey did a great job of communicating with us from the start. She set up our appointment, warmly greeted us and attended to our needs during our visits to their office. Our first meeting with Jonathan included a time of education concerning our home loan process and a sensitivity to the amount of communication we preferred. We really appreciated the time he spent with us making sure we understood what we were about to go into. The entire process itself was easier than we ever thought possible. The team communicated with us via email and text allowing us to stay updated on every step. One aspect we liked was the ability to review everything online and sign digitally. In addition we were able to scan and upload all of our required documents to a secure site which made the process even easier. April stayed in touch with us during the process, letting us know what was needed to keep things moving making sure there wasn’t a lull. We highly recommend Benchmark Home Loans and appreciate the great kindness we were shown from every team member whenever we stepped through their doors! Many thanks!!

B. and L. Keiffer