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J. Germany, Benchmark Veteran client

J. Germany

When we began planning our move from Washington state down to the Dallas Ft Worth area there were many unknowns, this was my wife’s first big move and my first since leaving the military 20 years ago. We were leaving our families and friends to start a new life in the place I had wanted to live my entire life and spend my retirement in. From the start our journey was fraught with disasters, our house didn’t close and we were already on the road to Texas, my wife’s employment status became an issue as well. It was beginning to look like our dream of retiring in Texas was falling apart around our ears.

Then Selena stepped in, she was a calm and reassuring driving force for us for the next month and a half. Every time we encountered a hiccup in the process she was on the phone with me walking me through what needed to be done, and letting me know what the next step was. More than anything else the best compliment I can give her and her team is that whenever I got off the phone with her I felt better about our situation. She never said “no” she said “we will make this work” she worked miracles for us, doing what other mortgage brokers had told us was not possible, and could never be approved. She was a tireless advocate for us working harder than was necessary to make our dream come true.

Now as the sun goes down over my house, and I sit in my acre back yard and watch the shadows creep over the land that I own because of her tireless efforts I’m eternally thankful. I know it sounds cheesy but we were ready to give up on this, but Selena and her team made it happen, they held the hand of this cranky old vet as he had tirades over sellers, and outbursts over banks, and now because of their hard work he gets to throw a ball for his new dog, and raise a whiskey in his back yard, thank you Selena.

J. Germany